Air Quality & Climate Change Conference

March 31, 2022

Law + Science + Policy

Miller Hall, World Forestry Center

Bringing together attorneys, scientists, engineers, policymakers, regulators, educators, advocates, students, and more.
As ELEC returns to gathering, we are sensitive to concerns about physical distancing, vaccination, COVID, etc. Upon registration, you will receive comprehensive information about the conference and reception space and the expectations of attendees.

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Roundtable Discussions

Each panel of experts will speak for approximately one hour, followed by Q&A with conference participants.

Legal & Regulatory Developments

Air Contaminants & Public Health - Air Monitoring & Air Purifiers - Wildfires Smoke - Diesel - Climate Change Policies & Strategies - Oregon’s Climate Protection Program

Pricing & Registration

Environmental Law Education Center welcomes all participants and strives to be inclusive by providing scholarships to our events. To request a scholarship, please email

All participants will receive conference materials for each discussion during our full-day event and have the opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions with expert panelists.