Contaminated Sediments Conference

Remediation & Management

March 31, 2022

World Forestry Center
Portland, Oregon

(in-person and remote participation available)


Conference Details

world forestry center

Join this half-day event in Miller Hall at the beautiful World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon. Expert roundtable discussions and an evening reception will provide plenty of opportunities to learn and connect.

This will be a hybrid event, with in-person participation and remote viewing options available. As ELEC returns to gathering, we are sensitive to concerns about physical distancing, vaccination, COVID, etc. Upon registration, you will receive comprehensive information about the conference and reception space and the expectations of attendees.


1:00   Welcome, Introduction, and Conference Overview

HOLLY DUNCAN, Environmental Law Education Center


1:00-1:15   Opening Remarks: Human Health and Ecological Risks from Contaminated Sediment

The EPA officially listed Bradford Island as a Superfund site on the National Priorities List in March 2022. What does this mean for fish consumption and human and ecological health? 

LAURA KLASNER SHIRA, P.E. Yakama Nation Fisheries


1:00-2:30   Contaminated Sediments: Managing Risks and Moving Forward

CERCLA is a statute that is grounded in the protection of human health and the environment. Cleanup of Portland Harbor will mitigate and reduce some of the public health risks from contaminated sediment, but how do we make sure that human health is being protected before and during cleanup?  And how do we protect communities from increased public health impacts during cleanup?

Moderator: JESSICA HAMILTON, Director, Harbor Environmental, Port of Portland

COMMISSIONER AMELIA SCHLUSSER, Environmental Quality Commission &
Staff Attorney at Green Energy Institute, Lewis & Clark Law School

JIM WOOLFORD, Volunteer, Environmental Protection Network;
Formerly, Director, Office of Superfund Remediation, US Environmental Protection Agency (retired)

BETH APPERT, Multnomah County Health Department


2:30-2:45    Break


2:45-4:15   What Does the Portland Harbor Project Need to Succeed?

The cleanup of Portland Harbor will be a massive undertaking requiring unusual infrastructure, operational and monitoring constraints, and community readiness. Our panelists will provide insight into these issues and frame the important discussions that need to take place as we complete design prepare for implementation.

Moderator: PHILIP SPADARO, TIG Environmental

BRIDGETTE DESHIELDS, Integral Consulting

ANDREW A. TIMMIS, J.F. Brennan Company, Inc.

ROB WEBB, P.E., Dalton Olmsted and Fuglevand


4:15-4:30    Break


4:30-5:30   Hot Topics: Beneficial Use & Risk Management

John and David will discuss the beneficial use of contaminated sediments in North America and Europe including the regulatory programs, adaptation and sustainability strategies, and circular economy and climate adaptation concepts that drive interest, inquiry, and innovation in beneficial use. They will describe new decision frameworks that evaluate broader stakeholder and environmental concerns, in the context of sediment as a resource rather than a waste. They will explore evolving risk assessment tools and methods, and the use of adaptive management to ensure effective risk management.

JOHN TOLL, PhD, Windward Environmental

DAVID W. MOORE, PhD, Director, ERDC Program for Emerging Contaminants
US Army Corps of Engineers


5:30-6:00    Reception

Pricing & Registration

Don't sleep on registering! Early bird pricing ends March 18, 2022.

In-person participants will have the opportunity to socialize with expert panelists and will also receive conference materials and a recording of the event.  In-person gathering limited to 100 participants.


Remote participants will be able to access live, professionally-managed video and audio of the discussions (via Zoom), and will also receive conference materials and a recording of the event.

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